Masks now optional on Madison Metro buses after federal rule struck down

MADISON, Wis. — The City of Madison is confirming that masks will no longer be required on the city’s Metro buses following a federal court decision Monday that struck down a requirement that people wear masks while traveling on public transit.

Following the ruling, the Transportation Security Administration said it was no longer going to enforce its “Security Directives and Emergency Amendment” that required mask-wearing on public transportation and transportation hubs like airports.

The TSA is reminding people the CDC still recommends mask-wearing in indoor public transportation settings, but they no longer have the authority to require it due to the court ruling.

Following the decision, the City of Madison says staff is working on removing signage about the requirement on buses, bus stations, transfer points, and other locations, but it will take time to remove all of the signage.

“Metro greatly appreciates all of its riders’ cooperation during the extended time this mandate was in place,” the city said in a statement on Tuesday morning.