Mask mandate begins Monday morning in Dane County

MADISON, Wis.– An emergency order requiring face coverings to be worn in public spaces in Dane County goes into effect Monday at 8 a.m.

The order states a mask needs to be worn in any enclosed building where people other than members of the same household are present, in line to enter an indoor space, or on public transportation and for-hire vehicles.

Exceptions include eating or drinking while dining out.

People with a disability and children five-years-old and younger are not included in the order.

“If you are not wearing a mask because you are unable because of a medical condition or a disability, accommodations will have to be made for you,” Public Health Madison and Dane County Environmental Health Services Supervisor Bonnie Koenig said. “There also could be settings where a mask could be unsafe. For instance, in a manufacturing setting where your straps might get caught up in equipment.”

Public Health Madison and Dane County said the order will be enforced through education first, followed by citations.

“I’m wearing it to protect you. You’re wearing it to protect me,” Koenig said. “This simple way can be very impactful, and it can help prevent the spread of COVID, but also support our businesses in the way we want to in our community.”


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Wolfie is ready to #MaskUpMadison! 😷 Starting Monday, July 13 at 8 am, everyone over the age of 5 in Dane County is required to wear a mask. Public health research shows face coverings help to significantly slow the spread of COVID-19. Mask up for your friends, family and fellow citizens. #MadisonCollege #MadisonWI #MadisonWisconsin

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Public Health Madison and Dane County launched a social media campaign to support the community in wearing masks. People and businesses can post photos using the hashtags #MaskUpMadison, #MaskUpDane and #MaskUpUW on social media to encourage others to wear masks.