Marshfield man convicted in abortion doctor plot

Man admitted to plotting to kill abortion doctor
Marshfield man convicted in abortion doctor plot

A Dane County jury found Ralph Lang guilty of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for plotting to kill doctors who provide abortions.

Lang, 65, decided to testify at his trial Thursday just as the y was ready to hear closing arguments.

Lang was plotting to kill a doctor at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Madison’s East Side in May 2011.

Lang told the judge Thursday morning he would not testify in his own defense. But the Wisconsin State Journal reported Lang changed his mind about two hours later.

In his testimony, Lang called abortion “intrinsically wrong” and “evil.”

Lang admitted to traveling to Madison at least 10 times over the past three years looking to kill doctors who perform abortion procedures.

Lang said he came to Madison hoping to stop evil so that women would no longer go to hell because of an abortion.

“I was hoping to go out to the abortion center and find the abortionist and end his life,” said Lang.

Lang also admitted he told police he wanted to use a machine gun to kill all abortionists.

Lang said he was practicing loading and unloading his gun so he could kill an abortionist before his gun went off. He was arrested at an Eastside motel and no one was hurt.

Lang also faces federal charges of attempting to injure people involved in a federally funded program.