Marshall man sentenced to 42 years for sexual assault

Huettner agreed to plea deal in February
Marshall man sentenced to 42 years for sexual assault

A Marshall man charged with child enticement and sexual assault is sentenced to 42 years in prison on Monday.

According to a criminal complaint, Jon Huettner, 50, sexually assaulted a 25-year-old woman in 2002 when the victim was 15. The complaint states the victim was a babysitter of Huettner’s and she described how Huettner raped her on two different occasions in the summer of 2002.

Huettner was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child under 16 years of age in relation to those alleged incidents.

The criminal complaint described other incidents involving another teenage girl. An 18-year-old woman told police Huettner sexually assaulted her two years ago, including at his daughter’s birthday party. The criminal complaint said this victim is “very low functioning cognitively, about third grade” and is “absolutely at risk for being taken advantage of.”

Huettner agreed to a plea deal in February.

“I ask the Lord, and pray for the victims for everything they went through, and ask them to forgive me,” said Huettner. “I beg mercy upon my soul. I do feel remorse for everything that I’ve done.”

The judge said Huettner was unlikely to be rehabilitated and needed to spend the rest of his days behind bars.

“There is a need to protect the public from you. I am not confident that if you were ever to be out in the community this would not happen again,” said Judge Julie Genovese. “This kind of behavior is so dangerous, and I’m not sure that there’s any way to fix this. So I agree that you need to be in prison for what will amount to be the rest of your natural life.”