Marshall man pleads with judge to contact wife

Huettner is accused of sexual assault
Marshall man pleads with judge to contact wife

A Marshall man charged with several counts of sexual assault showed a bit of desperation with a Dane County judge Friday.

Jon Huettner is accused of sexually assaulting several of his daughter’s teenage friends since 2002.

He appeared in court today asking the judge for permission to contact his wife, who doesn’t want any interaction from him.

“I know that my wife said she had (wanted) no contact with me, and I was wondering if I could just write her one letter, just to let her know, to tell her that I’m sorry we’re going through this,” Huettner said.  “To just let her know that I love her, and I love my children. Just one letter, that’s all I’m asking, judge.”

The court did not grant Huettner’s plea. The judge did allow for further review of interviews Safe Habor, a child advocacy center, did with the victims.