Marko Antonio Ramirez

Marko Antonio Ramirez

Marko was born June 14, 2008, just a few days before Father’s Day. When he was born, I told my husband that he was his Father’s Day gift, and that’s why I named him after his dad, Marko Antonio. Marko was our first boy, and it was something very beautiful.

He was a normal boy – like any other boy, he never had any health problems. He was very healthy and loving. He gave tons of love and always came up to you and hugged you, and said I love you!

He also had a habit of saying strange and funny things that kept us in wonder. He was sincere, and told you what he was feeling and what was on his mind. Marko had a lovely smile, beautiful eyes and eyelashes we were all envious of.

But he was also like any other boy who sometimes caused trouble. He got mad, and easily became frustrated. He was very sensitive and he was a boy who knew how to forgive, and also ask for forgiveness when he knew he had done something wrong.

Marko had a lot of innocence in him. He loved to play with his pipe cleaners, Transformers, Pokemon cards and Minecraft. He also liked to go to the video game store and watch videos on YouTube. His dream was to become a policeman or a mailman. Those were his goals, but sadly he lost the battle against cancer.

Thank you for your support in these times.