Marion Musil Nelson

Marion Musil Nelson

Marion M. Nelson died peacefully at Upland Hills Health in Dodgeville on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018, surrounded by friends.

Marion Julianna Musil was born in Hutchinson, Minn., on Jan. 4, 1937, to George A. and Dina W. (Nickel) Musil of Hector, Minn. She graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., in 1959 with degrees in Art and English and married her classmate, Duane O. Nelson. They moved to Naperville, Ill., where Marion taught English and established a team-teaching program that was recognized state-wide for innovation.

Duane and Marion bought land in rural Wisconsin near Spring Green. Duane remodeled a large barn into living spaces and a large space for Marion to operate an import shop, Global View. The shop featured mostly handcrafted items from India, Nepal, and Indonesia, which she purchased on her annual trips to these countries for more than 40 years. For many years, she led tours to Asia and introduced numerous people to the joys of travel and art and diversity.

Global View, the Mahayana Dharma Center, and the Medicine Buddha Healing Center grew from contacts Marion and Duane made in Asia. In 1991, they founded the Mahayana Dharma Center for the teaching of Buddhist philosophy. Ten years later, the Medicine Buddha Healing Center, utilizing Tibetan doctors trained at the Dalai Lama’s medical school in Dharamsala, India, was established.

Marion Nelson was a unique and remarkable woman with a generous spirit. She touched the lives of everyone she met. Doctor Yangbum Gyal, referred to her as “the Mother of the Universe.” She made connections in small villages across the globe and had friends everywhere where she was quickly recognized by her snow white hair and called, “Mother”. She touched the lives of everyone she met in significant ways.