Managing mental health during the holidays

A Closer Look At How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World
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In America, spider and web decorations are generally reserved for Halloween. In Ukraine however, they're a symbol of good Christmas fortune. Families adorn Christmas trees with spiderwebs to commemorate a folktale about a family who couldn't afford ornaments and decorations for their tree. As the tale goes, they woke on Christmas to find spiders had spun beautiful webs around the tree, which sparkled in the sunlight.

MADISON (WISC) – According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), 64% of people who struggle with mental health report holidays make conditions worse.

Counselors said this time of year, the biggest things people need to watch out for are overindulgences in food and alcohol. That overindulgence can also come in the form of over-commitment, something the clinical director at Rogers Behavioral Health, Dr. Keri Brown, said is common with the amount of social invites during the holidays.

“It’s important for all of us to connect with other people. It certainly helps with boosting your mood around the holidays or any time, but you have to just be careful not to overschedule, overcommit, just finding a good balance,” Dr. Brown said.

Dr. Brown added because of Covid, there’s a tendency that people want to make up for lost time, whether that includes more social gatherings, more food, or more alcohol. She suggested having a plan in place to limit yourself is the best way to reduce temptation.

Dr. Brown also said feeling stressed or down during the holidays is normal, but if you’re having negative feelings that are lasting after the holidays have passed, getting help from a professional is a good idea.