Man wearing Packers shirt attacked by bear

Man wearing Packers shirt attacked by bear

A Florida man was attacked by a bear outside his home in Naples Tuesday night – while he was wearing a Packers T-shirt.

WINK News reports that Andrew Meunier was letting his dogs outside when a large bear attacked him.

Meunier told WINK News he let his dog out around 11 p.m. when he walked outside and saw a 4-foot bear standing next to him. He said he struggled to get away, and managed to get back through his front door.

Meunier suffered a minor facial injury from the bear attack. He received 41 stitches.

Florida Fish and Wildlife told WINK News they are looking to place more secure and stable trash bins into communities in order to prevent animals from getting into them. Last year, they tested the bins at the Naples Zoo and were successful.