Man uses lawn sign to ‘Recall Lawn Signs’

A Madison man who said he is fatigued with recall politics is taking a creative approach to discourage people from expressing politics on their front lawns.

Scott Scharf put a yard sign on his lawn to “Recall Yard Signs.”

He said he’s seen too many people get into fist fights over Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. They’re only focused on party lines, Scharf said, not the issues at hand.

“It’s the opinions,” Scharf said. “Everyone’s got an opinion about something and they put up a generic (yard) sign instead of putting up a sign that really says something.”

The Recall Yard Signs sign has been up for three months and Scharf said it’s been getting great feedback. People have even been stopping their cars to take pictures next to it.

Scharf said he’s not sure when he’ll take the sign down.