Man suspected of starting bar fight returns to same bar

Man accused of eluding officers
Man suspected of starting bar fight returns to same bar
Leovardo Ramirez-Arismendi

A man suspected of starting a fight at a bar was arrested when he returned to the same bar the following night, according to a release from Madison police.

Police said Leovardo Ramirez-Arismendi, 28, of Madison, started a fight with bouncers early Wednesday morning at Madhatter Bar at 322 W. Gorham St. Bouncers told police Ramirez-Arismendi became belligerent after they tried to kick him out of the bar. They said they got him outside after he charged at one of the bouncers.

Police later found Ramirez-Arismendi, but they said he sped off on South Park Street at about 70 mph running red lights and, for a time, didn’t have headlights on. Police called off the chase out of safety concerns.

Ramirez-Arismendi returned to Madhatter Bar at about midnight Wednesday night and the bar staff called police. Officers said he tried to head-butt them as they removed him from the bar.

Ramirez-Arismendi was arrested on suspicion of eluding and cited for operating without headlights, violating a red traffic signal and operating without a valid driver’s license.