Man suspected in La Crosse homicide formally charged

Man suspected in La Crosse homicide formally charged

An 18-year-old La Crosse man has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the death of 17-year-old George Miller.

The family of George Miller was not in court Thursday; News 8 was told the family was at his funeral.

La Crosse County’s District Attorney, Tim Gruenke, said one of the really odd factors about this case is the number of witnesses. The criminal complaint lists seven witnesses to the actual shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, witnesses told police Randall and Miller were arguing in front of 1315 Redfield Street. Randall was reportedly accusing Miller of shooting at him a few days prior, something the complaint says Miller denied.

Witnesses said Randall approached the vehicle Miller was sitting in, threatening to shoot him, to which Miller replied, “You have the gun, I’m still here.”

According to the complaint, Randall shot Miller through the passenger window of the car. The gun reportedly jammed, giving Miller a chance to exit the vehicle and run.

Another witness said Miller laid down on the corner of 14th and Redfield streets, then got up again to run after seeing Randall chasing after him.

“It’s an odd time and location for something like this to happen,” Gruenke said.

The criminal complaint says Miller ran onto the property of Badger Corrugating, where an employee saw someone run behind a truck with another person chasing him, then the witness “heard four or five shots being fired.”

When police arrived, Miller was found on the Badger Corrugating property and was pronounced dead at the scene.

“There were nine shots resulting in 11 injuries, and that certainly lends itself to the argument that it was an intentional act as opposed to accidental or just one shot from a distance,” Gruenke said.

Randall left the scene and was arrested several hours later at an acquaintance’s apartment at 918 Denton Street after a standoff that lasted several hours where he had blocked the front door with a chair.

The complaint said when Randall was being questioned by police “he claimed he did not know a George Miller, smiling.”

On Tuesday, authorities were called to the 1300 block of Green Bay Street. There police found a .380 caliber handgun buried in the yard, the same kind of gun authorities said was used to kill Miller.

On Wednesday Randall requested to be interviewed a second time by police. The criminal complaint says Randall told investigators he was shot at twice the previous weekend by Miller and Paul Thomas Jr. Thomas Jr. and his father, Paul Thomas Sr., were both shot during a string of shootings the weekend of Aug. 14.

Randall will be back in court on Sept. 3.

See the full criminal report here.