Man strikes trombone player with cellphone at Willy St. Fair

Man strikes trombone player with cellphone at Willy St. Fair
Willy Street Fair back in its 36th year

Madison police say a man faces battery charges after he threw a cellphone at a trombone player Sunday evening, injuring the musician and ruining the instrument.

The incident happened around 6:45 p.m. Sunday at the Willy Street Fair in the 900 block of Williamson Street.

According to police, 50-year-old Mark Macaulay, of Madison, hurled a cellphone at the main stage of the fair while a band was playing. The cellphone smashed into the bell of the trombone, causing damage, before bouncing off the slide, causing more damage.

Police said the cellphone hit the musician in the mouth, giving him a fat lip. As the musician sought ice for his lip, an audience member confronted Macaulay, telling him, “You gotta go.”

Police said Macaulay stuck out his chest, and told the person, “You can’t tell me what to do!” Then police said Macaulay made a fist and looked ready to hit someone when the other person grabbed Macaulay’s arm.

The two went to the ground, and police said Macaulay ripped the other man’s shirt. Macaulay was taken into custody shortly after that.

Police said the musician told them his horn, valued it at $2,800, will have to be replaced.