Man, son accused of stomping puppy

Gossetts have preliminary hearings Wednesday

A father and son accused of stomping a puppy to death are due in court on charges of animal mistreatment.

Prosecutors said 49-year-old Fred Gossett of Park City, Ill., and 22-year-old Curtis Gossett of Racine killed the puppy Monday by stomping on the puppy’s head.

The criminal complaint said Curtis Gossett told a neighbor he and his father had just killed a family’s puppy. The neighbor told investigators he went to the home and found the puppy alive in a pool of blood, its eyes bulging. The 6-month-old beagle later died.

The puppy’s owner said she had borrowed $15 from Curtis Gossett to buy gas, and repaid him $2 to show she’d pay the rest of her debt.

A Journal Times of Racine report said the Gossetts have preliminary hearings Wednesday. A call to their public defender rang unanswered Saturday.