Man pulled gun in road rage incident, police say

Anger stemmed from one driver cutting another off, according to report
Man pulled gun in road rage incident, police say
Deron H. McBride, 47, of Madison

A Madison man was arrested Tuesday after police said he pointed a gun at another driver in a a road rage incident.

The Madison Police Department said two motorists on the West Beltline Highway near Fish Hatchery Road were unhappy with each other’s driving at about 3:20 p.m.

Police said 47-year-old Deron McBride claims a 27-year-old Monroe man cut him off near Stoughton Road.

According to the report, both drivers sped up and slowed down on the Beltline, keeping pace with one another. McBride told police the other driver gave him the finger and yelled at him. McBride took a picture of the other man with his cellphone.

McBride responded to the victim’s yelling by displaying his handgun. That’s when the other driver slowed down and called 911. He told police the license plate number of the car and police said officers used that information to track down McBride.

According to the report, the other driver told police McBride pointed the handgun at him, but McBride denied it was pointed at the Monroe man.

McBride was charged with disorderly conduct while armed.