Man paying for gas has car stolen from west Madison store, PD says

A car thief took off in a vehicle Saturday as the owner was inside a west Madison gas station paying, police said.

Madison police said a 41-year-old Sun Prairie man finished pumping gas Saturday at about 7:50 p.m. and left the keys in his unlocked car as he went inside to pay at the BP station at 5445 University Ave.

During the couple of minutes he was away, someone got inside his car and drove off, the report said. The thief didn’t get far. The stolen car quickly slammed into a parked vehicle on nearby Craig Avenue. Witnesses told police they saw four young men, including one who had a handgun, get out and run.

Police said that minutes later, the BP station was robbed at gunpoint.

Investigators are looking into the possibility the two cases are connected, according to the report.