Man has Walker sign hood of ’65 Mustang

81-year-old surprises governor with request
Man has Walker sign hood of ’65 Mustang

When Gov. Scott Walker makes campaign stops, he often obliges supporters who ask him to pose for pictures or autograph signs and T-shirts. But one Menomonee Falls man found an even more prominent way to show his loyalty.

Walker was visiting supporters Sunday in Germantown when he met 81-year-old Stan Larson. Larson smiled and asked him to sign the hood of his sparkling red 1965 Mustang using a permanent marker.

Walker asked if Larson was sure. When Larson said yes, Walker wrote, “On Wisconsin!” and his signature. The message covered less area than the size of a business card.

Larson says he’s grateful for the autograph. He says, “I’m damn proud of my car and I’m damn proud of my governor,” and he’s elated to show off both of them.