Man finds brain-like object in Racine park

Courtesy of WDJT-TV

RACINE, Wis. — People scour beaches for many things, and sometimes the results can be bizarre.

A brain, or what is suspected to be one, was found at Samuel Myers Park in Racine on Tuesday morning.

James Senda was on the beach “glass hunting” when he came across a bag. Senda said it was in aluminum foil, wrapped in a flower and included some foreign money.

He said it seemed real to him, but whether it’s real or not, he’s just glad he was the one that found it.

“I’m personally glad I’m the one that found it instead of somebody else, there’s kids that play here,” Senda said. “I mean mentally I can take it, I can handle it. But who knows, some people may not be able to handle it like I did.”

The medical examiner will test the brain to see if it is real, and if so, if it is human.