Man disobeys police orders, officer injured in struggle at RV door

Police: Caller reports disturbance involving man yelling for no apparent reason
Man disobeys police orders, officer injured in struggle at RV door

An officer was injured in a struggle with a man who disobeyed commands to stay away from his RV when police responded to reports of a disturbance, according to a release.

Madison police said officers responded to reports of a disturbance in the 2800 block of East Washington Avenue Saturday afternoon involving a man that had been standing in front of a business and shouting for no apparent reason.

The man, described as wearing a pink shirt and a cowboy hat, was found in the parking lot by officers, according to the release. The man was identified as Bradley A. Bartell, 63, from Mauston.

Officers attempted to talk with Bartell, but he continued to walk towards a parked RV and kept saying he was from Austin, Texas, police said. Bartell disobeyed orders from police to stay away from the RV, and went inside.

He started reaching for items, which police thought could involve the search for a weapon, according to the release. Officers attempted reasonable means to get Bartell out of the RV, but he refused and a struggle in the doorway of the RV started between Bartell and officers.

Bartell was eventually taken into custody, officials said. One officer sustained an injury to a finger, and went to a nearby emergency room for treatment.

Bartell faces tentative charges of felony resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.

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