Man denies theft until officer plays man’s voice mail on stolen phone, officials said

Woman reports threatening phone calls demanding money

Police arrested a man who stole a cellphone and denied it until police called the number and played the new voice mail message on the stolen phone to the man over speakerphone, according to a release.

Officials said a 22-year-old Walgreens’ employee knew her cellphone had been stolen out of her tote bag in a secure area of a store at 15 E. Main St. while she was working.

The woman said she called her voice mail and there was a new message announcing she had reached Malcolm’s phone, according to the release.

Officials said the woman remembered a man named Malcolm filling out a job application where her tote bag was located and she reported the incident that happened on June 26 to police.

Officials said they tracked down Malcolm T. Smith, 19, of Middleton, who denied he had taken the phone until officers called the voice mail over speakerphone and Smith heard his own voice.

Smith was arrested on charges of theft, according to the release.

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