Man charged in reported ‘cart rage’

53-year-old connected with disturbance in Woodman's
Man charged in reported ‘cart rage’

Madison police were called to the Woodman’s Grocery on the east side of Madison for a reported fight in progress.

Suspect Pervis Phillips, 53, was a customer and believed grocery line etiquette had been broken by another person in line.

Phillips began running his cart into the back of the other customer standing in line and threatening to knock him out.

Phillips subsequently punched the other customer, knocking him to the floor.

Phillips fled before police arrived, leaving his food and cart at the scene. He was identified by officers from witnesses and video of the disturbance.

Police referred to the incident in their report as a ‘cart rage’.

Phillips was found at his home, arrested on a battery charge, and taken to the Dane County Jail.