Man breaks into State Capitol, officials say

A man broke into the State Capitol over the weekend, according to an email sent to capitol staff.

The email said the man broke into a west wing bathroom, walked around the hallways and broke into the observation deck area before leaving on his own.

On Tuesday, prosecutors charged Zachary Bigelow, 27, of Beloit, with criminal damage to property and entry into a locked building.

According to a criminal complaint, police discovered a broken window in a first-floor Capitol bathroom and blood throughout the building Saturday morning. They found another broken window on the fifth floor and more blood near the window.

Surveillance video showed a man getting into white sedan. Police used the license plate to locate Bigelow at his home Sunday. Bigelow said he had been at a Madison casino Friday night into Saturday morning, went into downtown Madison for more drinks, entered the Capitol and scaled the building.

Online court records didn’t list the case or a defense attorney Tuesday morning.