Man bikes across Wisconsin for ‘Organ Trail’ before donating his kidney

"Organ Trail"
File photo

MADISON, Wis. — Mark Scotch and several supporters biked across Wisconsin this weekend to raise awareness for organ donation.

The two-day trip, nicknamed ‘the Organ Trail,’ was over 150 miles. Scotch biked from Plover to Madison for kidney removal surgery later this month.

“Not everyone can be donors but they can all be advocates,” Scotch said.

His unexpected decision to donate his kidney came after a stranger at a bar told him his kidneys were failing. Scotch responded, “I can give you one of mine.”

One of the bikers who made the journey alongside Scotch was Bill Conner, whose daughter was an organ donor after unexpectedly passing away in January. He joined the trip to support Scotch’s journey.

Scotch said that if he can find even one donor, his trill will be worth it. He wanted to bike directly to his surgery, but doctors advised him against it. In the spring, he will bike from Wisconsin to Louisiana, where the recipient of his kidney lives.

To register to become an organ donor, visit

“To give somebody life or to get them back to a standard of living or lifestyle that is completely opposite of what they’ve been going through is huge,” Scotch said.