Man arrested on charges of assaulting woman, claimed ‘low blood sugar’

Suspect faces various charges
Man arrested on charges of assaulting woman, claimed ‘low blood sugar’

A man arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a woman on Friday told police his low blood sugar caused him to act disoriented.

Kenneth House, 50, is accused of inappropriately touching a 19-year-old woman after his car ran out of gas on Madison’s east side.

Madison police said House went to look for help and peered into a nearby apartment window on the 4300 block of Sprecher Road. He asked the woman inside the apartment for a ride, but she refused, saying she had to stay at home with her young child.

Police said House sat down in a plastic lawn chair on the woman’s front porch, which broke under his weight. The woman told House to leave., but he followed her into her apartment and grabbed her by the hips. Police said he leaned in close, as if to kiss her. When she fought back, police said House slapped her on her butt.

The victim called 911, just as her boyfriend and a friend were arriving at her home. Police said House fled and the victim’s boyfriend ran after House with a 2×4. He told police he threw the piece of wood at House, but was not sure if it made contact.

Officers spotted House a short time later on the same street and arrested him. House told police he did not remember going into the apartment. He told police he was not thinking right because he had a low blood sugar level.

House faces charges of fourth-degree sexual assault, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct and a parole violation.

The victim told police that the incident left her feeling violated.