Man arrested after fighting with officers, police dog in Janesville

Suspect taken to hospital for pre-existing condition
Man arrested after fighting with officers, police dog in Janesville

A 24-year-old Madison man was arrested in Janesville after a late-night incident on Friday in which he damaged a McDonald’s restaurant and fought several police officers and a police K-9.

Officers responded to a McDonald’s located in the 1600 block of Milton Avenue after a report that a man threw a boulder through the window of the restaurant. As officers investigated and questioned the suspect, later identified as James Warfield, he punched the officer without provocation, knocking him down, according to a police news release.

Several officers attempted to take Warfield into custody but he continued to resist and fight. Officers attempted to use a Taser four times to subdue Warfield, but were unsuccessful. They also used pepper spray and strikes from a baton, authorities said.

A police dog, Hardy, was used to try to take Warfield into custody, but the suspect punched and kicked the dog in the head, incapacitating the animal.

Police said that a final attempt to use a Taser successfully incapacitated Warfield and he was taken into custody.

One officer was treated and released from Mercy Hospital. He received 11 stitches to his lip. Two other officers received minor injuries, police said.

Warfield was taken to Mercy Hospital to be treated for a pre-existing medical condition. Police said after his release, he will be taken to the Rock County Jail.

He is facing several charges, including battery to a law enforcement officer, attempted batter to a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer, harassment of a police or fire department animal and vandalism.