Man admits to selling stolen phone for heroin money

Police: Man snatches iPhone out of Craigslist seller's hand
Man admits to selling stolen phone for heroin money
Zachary Schmidlkofer

A 23-year-old man admitted to selling a phone he stole for heroin money after he was arrested Thursday, Madison police said.

A woman selling an iPhone on Craigslist found a buyer who snatched it from her hands in a parking lot Nov. 8, according to a release.

The 36-year-old Sun Prairie woman told police she arranged to meet a buyer at Burger King at 2655 E. Washington Ave. at around 8 p.m. When they met in the parking lot he snatched it when she brought it out to show him.

The man left and told the woman, “Don’t follow me. I’ll hurt you.”

The woman said she had sold many items on Craigslist and didn’t have a problem until this sale.

During a Madison police investigation, Zachary J. Schmidlkofer, 23, was identified as the man who took the phone. When Schmidlkofer was taken into custody he admitted to police that he took the phone and pawned it for heroin money.

Schmidlkofer faces tentative charges of robbery and bail jumping.