Man accused of killing 3 in Milwaukee says he strangled mom, daughters then burned their bodies

MILWAUKEE — The man accused of killing a mother and her two daughters said he strangled all three of the victims before burning their bodies in a garage.

According to a criminal complaint, 25-year-old Arzel J. Ivery told investigators he strangled 26-year-old Amarah Banks and her two daughters 4-year-old Cameria and 5-year-old Zaniya the night of the funeral for Ivery and Banks’ son.

The complaint says the two got into an argument after Ivery got home from work around 1 a.m. on Feb. 8. Tensions spiked when Banks reportedly said Ivery didn’t care about the death of their son.

Ivery said he then grabbed Banks and pushed her head into a wall twice before beginning to strangle her with both hands. According to the complaint, Ivery said Banks wasn’t fighting him, so he figured she wanted to die.

After killing Banks, Ivery reportedly said he went into the young girls’ bedroom, woke them up individually and strangled them because he didn’t want them to live in a world without their mother. The complaint says both girls tried fighting Ivery as he strangled them.

Ivery then reportedly tried cutting up Banks’ body but he stopped when he saw bone because he “didn’t like looking at the bone.”

He then wrapped the three bodies in an air mattress, dragged them to his vehicle and drove them to a garage where he set them on fire.

Milwaukee police found the bodies Sunday morning.

The criminal complaint says Ivery stated that “it was his family, that he brought his kids into this world and that he can take them out if he wanted.”