MAMA Cares fundraiser helps support local musicians

The County Fest postpones summer dates due to COVID-19 Vila

It was one thing for the Madison music community to come together and pull off a fundraiser to help local musicians and their families in times of need.

It says more about the strength and stability of theses generous artists to be able to sustain the effort.

This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Madison Area Music Awards, or MAMA, Cares Fundraiser, bigger and better than ever.

It will be bigger because it will, for the first time, include a musician flea market where unused gear will be sold with a portion of the proceeds going to MAMA Cares.

It will be better because a new GoFundMe campaign will help raise $10,000 to bolster the fund.

But at its heart it remains a needed opportunity for musicians and music lovers to help some folks whose art and talent don’t always pay enough to handle health and other emergencies when they arise.

MAMA cares, and you can too, this Saturday from 7-12 p.m. at the Brink Nightclub. We love this event.