Mallards try peanut-free zone at Duck Pond

Special seating brings new fans to park
Mallards try peanut-free zone at Duck Pond

For one in every 13 kids, a baseball game can be not an entirely carefree experience.

That’s because of food allergies and the possible dangers that can lurk at stadiums.

But at Warner Park, the Madison Mallards are making at least one game safe for everyone.

Part of the “Duck Pond” was a peanut-free zone on Father’s Day so that kids like Jack Lucas can cheer for the home team right alongside his friends.

“They have a whole section dedicated to be peanut-free, allergy friendly, so Jack can come out here and enjoy the game and he doesn’t have to worry about peanuts in his section,” said Jack’s dad John.

John said his son’s food allergies are so severe that coming in contact with certain foods could be deadly for him.

“I carry an EpiPen whenever we go out, and all the food he eats we have to know a lot about the ingredients, or he could have an allergic reaction that could close his throat and require a dose of the EpiPen and a trip to the emergency room,” said John Lucas.

Mallards try peanut-free zone at Duck Pond

Jackie White’s son Truman is also allergic to peanuts. She said allergy free nights give her family an opportunity to experience what other families enjoy every weekend.

“Nuts are usually everywhere at baseball games, so this is our one and only opportunity to come out and enjoy some baseball,” said Jackie.

Mallards fans say they’re hoping their presence at Sunday’s game will mean more opportunities to head to the ballpark.

“If we go, then there will be more peanut-free games,” said fan Jacob Gylbault. “Yeah, we’re supporting that kind of thing.”