Making your mask work better

Badger Seal For Web

MADISON, Wis. — An invention from the UW-Madison College of Engineering recently got somewhat of an endorsement from the CDC.

The Badger Seal is a device that goes over your mask.  It’s designed to eliminate gaps so fewer particles escape or are inhaled.  A video demonstration from the university shows how a mask fitted with the Badger Seal performs a lot better.

The CDC just used the UW-Madison Study on the Badger Seal in new guidelines for how to wear a mask.

“It just has a huge impact on the performance of the mask.  The more people who know about it and but it will ultimately be a life saved,” said Badger Seal co-creator Scott Sanders.

You can find the Badger Seal mask fitter at the UW Makers Space for $10.  Other companies sell similar products online as well.