Making Mother’s day count: One local mom in need of liver transplant

Making Mother’s day count: One local mom in need of liver transplant




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Many of us spent Sunday with our families celebrating Mother’s Day. For one Stoughton mother being with the ones you love, is more important now than ever before.

Like most moms Natasha Iverson spent Mother’s Day with her kids.

“It’s just fun to watch as they grow,” Iverson said.

It’s time that might be just a bit more precious this holiday. Iverson has biliary atresia, a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants.

“One minute you feel fine and then next second it hits you,” Iverson said.

For years, Iverson said she’s been one of the few to hang on without a transplant.

“Usually you either get a transplant as a kid or you’re dead,” Iverson said.

Looking at her you’d probably never think she was living with a deadly illness and there are a few very simple reasons for that.

“I got Austin he’s age 12, and Cassandra and Natalie, both are age nine,” Iverson said of her kids.

But after 34 years, Iverson can’t keep going without a liver transplant.

“You feel nauseous, and you get pain, it comes and goes and you can tell that it’s getting closer,” Iverson said.

Iverson has been on the list for a little longer than a year, she said she’ll wait as long as she needs too, because like any mom she just wants more time with her kids.

“I love spending time with them, and my family and I’m not going to miss it,” Iverson said.

Without a relative as a match Iverson is looking for another donor. For more information you can email Natasha at , or contact patient advocate, nurse Caeli Houden at , or donate at