Making connections through neighborhood art

MADISON, Wis. —  A trio of Madison parents and teachers started a local group on Monday to encourage people to make community connections through art. 

The founders of ‘Neighborhood Art Discovery’ are inviting people in the Madison area to create art on their sidewalks or street facing windows.

“Just really immerse yourself in creating something no matter what it is, large or small there’s no perfection required,” said one of the founders Kate Bast. “It just eases your mind a little bit and helps bring some calm.”

At a time when it’s crucial people remain physically apart because of COVID-19–Orchard Ridge Elementary School art teacher Joshua Ludke said he wanted a way for people to feel connected. 

“Just having that outlet, having that chance to say thank you, to say what we’re thinking about and to kind of express ourselves is important,” Ludke added.

The goal is for people to be able to enjoy and appreciate the art as they pass by on their socially distant walks or when they see the images shared on the group’s Facebook page where many have already shared their artistic handiwork.

“Makes you feel a sense of community that we’re all doing this creative effort that’s trickling throughout Madison,” Bast said.

Neighborhood Art Discovery will post a new theme each week on their Facebook page welcoming people to participate through whatever artistic medium they like.

This week’s theme is gratitude.