Make your voice heard at town hall with Pocan

Make your voice heard at town hall with Pocan

Sometimes it seems as if town hall meetings have fallen out of favor as venues for civic discourse in this social media-driven world. And that’s too bad.

While social media can be a great organizing tool, there is still tremendous benefit to face to face communication and citizens talking with and listening to each other and their elected officials.

This coming Saturday, Second District U.S. Congressman Mark Pocan, D-Wis., is holding a town hall to talk about current issues and answer your questions.

First of all, credit to Congressman Pocan for doing something many of his colleagues are avoiding.
Second, we hope attendees represent a diversity of viewpoints.

Pocan is one of the few who respects a range of ideas. This strikes us as an opportunity to share those ideas and seek deeper understanding and perhaps common ground. Every voice is important these days. Make sure yours is heard.