Make-your-own cord organizers are cute, cheap, functional

Make-your-own cord organizers are cute, cheap, functional

I hope I’m not the only person with a large case filled with tangled, messy and hard-to-find cords to all of my numerous electronics (mine is blue and white and very large). If I’m the only person that hasn’t come up with a cheap organizational strategy by now, then this post will be completely useless. But if you’re like me and need a fun, cheap, personalized way to organize those annoying, yet necessary cords, I have found a great project on Pinterest.

They are clothespin cord holders, and when I first saw them I didn’t understand how they worked. I’m guessing if the Pin had been linked to a website in English I might have been able to read the instructions, but it only took me a couple minutes to figure out that these are actually pretty basic.

You take two clothespins, decorate them with markers or other crafty things (washi tape anyone?), glue them on top of each other (with the pincher sides on different ends) and wrap your cords. To make it stay in place, you clip the starting end of the cord with one of the clothespins and then the end of the cord to the other clothespin.

I didn’t buy anything for this project, but if you had to buy the items it wouldn’t cost much. With the clothespins, markers and glue you could probably do the entire project for under $10. I used super-strength Gorilla Glue for wood (but only because I had it). You could probably use any type of crafting glue (I’m not sure about Elmer’s glue though. It might not hold strong enough).

For me, the hardest part was drawing on the tiny flat part of the clothespins with my fat Sharpie markers. I’m also not extremely artsy so my designs and color combos are a lot less impressive than the ones posted on Pinterest. Once I figured out that less glue is more in this project, my clothespin holders turned out pretty well.

My big blue and white bag is definitely easier to dig through, and none of the cords get tangled. One thing to note is based on the length of the cord, you might have to wrap it differently to get the ends to clip in to the clothespins, or in the case of one of my cords I actually can’t get it to wrap so I just clip it the last time I wrap it around and let some of the cord hang off — it doesn’t cause any issues at all.

Pinterest do or don’t? I would definitely recommend using the clothespin holders for your cords. They are cheap, easy to make and you might even enjoy customizing them!