Majkowski deals with life after football

Has undergone 20 post-career surgeries
Majkowski deals with life after football

Medical coverage for former NFL players has been a hot button issue for the last couple years. Former Packer Don Majkowski has gone through the pain himself.

Majkowski played quarterback for the Packers for six years. After departing Green Bay, he played for the Colts and Lions. The “Majik Man” retired after the 1996 season. 

Since his retirement, Majikowski says he’s had 20 surgeries.

Most recently, he had fusion surgery done on his lower back. He says the legal process was trying and rather unpleasant. 

For former NFL players to get medical procedures covered, the NFL requires former players to file a workman’s comp claim in California.

Majkowski did that, and won a settlement that got his future medical bills paid for. That process took far too long, says Majkowski.  

“I fought with the insurance companies for two years.”  

Medical coverage may not be around for very long as Majkowski says NFL team owners are trying to do away with the current process. 

“Now they’re (NFL Owners) trying to do away with it. If they do, it’d be awful. It’s really our only opportunity, as former players, to take advantage of a system where they’ll pay for our future medical.”

Majkowski lost his starting quarterback job in September of 1992, when he suffered a severe ankle sprain. Brett Favre took over under center and never missed a game in his career with Green Bay. 

“It’s a rough after life, man. I experienced it first-hand. It wasn’t fun.”