Madison’s Westgate Mall to be demolished as part of redevelopment plan

Westgate Mall losing its last major retailer; now what?

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s Westgate Mall will be demolished as part of a redevelopment plan announced Tuesday.

The news comes shortly after Wisconsin Craft Market revealed it will be closing permanently.

According to Jacob T. Klein, president of Madison real estate developer JT Klein,  his company will purchase the property from Hy-Vee. Sources said the Hy-Vee near Westgate Mall is expected to remain.

JT Klein plans to demolish the mall at the end of this summer and redevelop it into a mixed use product, meaning it could be used for restaurants, retail outlets and housing as well as being a commercial or medical space.

Klein is working with an alder in the city and will present a first draft of his plans at the end of the month. The entire space is nine acres.

Having grown up on Madison’s west side, Klein has watched the mall’s downfall firsthand and hopes the redevelopment will enhance the area.

“This is an incredibly unique opportunity to work with a canvas of that size at such an incredible part of Madison,” Klein said.

The real estate developer has previously done three projects in Middleton.

Klein’s goal is to complete the project within the next three to five years.