Madison’s Union Cab in 9th year of giving free rides to the polls

MADISON, Wis. — Not having a ride to the polls on Election Day has been said to keep people from voting. In an effort to get people to the polls, several organizations are offering free or discounted rides on Election Day.

Here in Madison, Union Cab Company is offering free rides to residents from your home to your polling place and back. Riders must wear a mask. If you do not have one upon cab arrival, one will be offered to you before you are allowed to enter the vehicle.

“We have been doing this since 2011 and it’s always a great experience. We look forward to this time to bring the people of Madison out to the polls,” said Union Cab general manager Bill Carter.

The free rides are available to the Madison area and some surrounding communities.

With the number of COVID-19 cases surging in the state, transportation companies are also working to ensure your safety on your way to the polls.

“We make sure to clean each cab after every passenger. We also require drivers to wear a mask no matter what,” said Carter.

Bill suggests riders bring their own mask but one will be provided for you if you don’t have one.

He also stresses the importance of knowing your polling location ahead of time.

For more information on rides to the polls with Union Cab, call 608-242-2000 or visit

They aren’t the only local company or ride service offering free or reduced fares for trips to the polls. You can find a full list here.