Madison’s Top Nurses 2018

Six health professionals were named top nurses

The typical image of a nurse is that of a doting caretaker. While that is an accurate representation of a nurse’s role, the job entails much more, as nurses provide nuanced, specialized and critical care.

Nurses work at hospitals, clinics and in homes. While they’re involved in inpatient care, their work extends to areas of public health, quality improvement and mental health. Some nurses are professors, researchers, scientists, mentors and advocates.

This year’s top nurses selected by Madison Magazine represent a wide variety of nurses serving the community. Out of 48 nominations this year, six nurses are recognized in the categories of practice, innovation and leadership for making a difference in the lives of their patients, fellow nurses and the community.

This year’s Practice Award winners are Jamie Breininger and Kevin Franco Valle. They represent outstanding clinical practice within health care organizations and in the communities they serve.

The Innovation Award winners are Heather Royer and Peggy Troller. Through their work, they have impacted nursing practice through innovation, whether via research, new ideas or technology or improvements to care processes.

The Leadership Award winners are Kristin Drager and Gina Bryan. These winners demonstrate vision, influence and knowledge to meet the demands of the future and the leadership to create systems and environments to support nursing excellence

Meet all of this year’s nurses:

Jamie Breininger

Kevin Franco Valle

Heather Royer

Peggy Troller

Kristin Drager

Gina Bryan