Madison’s top 10 dangerous intersections listed

Dangerous intersections split between east, west side
Madison’s top 10 dangerous intersections listed

Madison’s 10 most dangerous intersections are focused on major traffic corridors on the city’s east and west side.


The Madison Police Department issued its list Monday that named intersections along East Washington Avenue, Stoughton Road, Verona Road, Mineral Point Road and County Road M.

The department made the list based on crash reports.

No. 1 on the list was East Washington Avenue and North Stoughton Road with 42 crashes and 13 injures in 2013. The rest of the list is as follows:

2) South Stoughton Road and East Buckeye Road, 33, crashes, 11 injuries
3) Beltline Highway and Midvale Boulevard, 30 crashes, six injures
4) Mineral Point Road and Pleasant View Road, 30 crashes, three injuries
5) East Washington Avenue and First Street, 29 crashes, 12 injures, one fatality
6) East Washington Avenue and Mendota Street, 28 crashes, five injuries
7) South Stoughton Road and Pflaum Road, 26 crashes, 17 injuries
8) Verona Road and Atticus Way, 26 crashes, eight injuries
9) Verona Road and Raymond Road, 26 crashes, six injuries
10) County Road M and Valley View Road, 25 crashes, one injury

So how are Madison officials addressing safety concerns at these locations?

City traffic engineers said they take a look at the list, which is compiled annually, to see which intersections need to be addressed. They keep tabs on locations like East Washington Avenue and North Stoughton Road, which are repeat offenders.

“We’ll take a look at the type of crash, specifically looking for left turns or rear ends,” said Scott Langer, assistant city traffic engineer. “What we’re looking for is a pattern.”

If the pattern is a reoccurring one, engineers may add a left-turn light, which was the case for the intersection at Portage Road and East Washington Avenue in 2013 after the location popped up on safety lists repeatedly.

Langer said in some cases, construction on the intersection will be considered. Though that is less likely, the corner of Mineral Point Road and Midvale Boulevard is one exception. That location will see construction to create left-turn lanes in 2015 to address safety concerns.

However, for more than half of the list’s problem streets, jurisdiction falls under the state Department of Transportation – including the top location at East Wash and North Stoughton.

“I’ve been on this corridor quite a bit, and we’re currently studying it, so we know there are issues,” says Michael Hoelker, major studies chief for the DOT.

The DOT is taking a look at the entire North Stoughton corridor and has plans to address the intersection at East Wash sometime in the future. Hoelker says the main issue with the location is high congestion.

“There are a lot of cars that go through this intersection every day, and with that kind of congestion, you’re going to have an increase in the number of crashes,” he says.

Future plans include adding an interchange and exit in place of the intersection, though Hoelker says construction would begin in 2024 at the earliest.

The intersection report also called the number of crashes involving pedestrians “alarming.” There were 91 crashes involving pedestrians in 2013. Four of the seven fatal crashes in Madison in 2013 involved pedestrians. Two involved bicycles.

There were 111 crashes involving bicycles in 2013.

There were a total of 5,054 crashes in Madison in 2013, an increase of 378 from 2013. The number of fatalities is down by three from the previous year.