Madison’s own Wisconsin wonders

These 4 franchises are all from the Madison area
Madison’s own Wisconsin wonders


Founded: 1984

Founders: George and Ruth Culver, along with son Craig and Lea Culver

Original Location: Sauk City

Who Knew? Culver’s has 600-plus locations around the U.S. Wisconsin has the most, with 136. Illinois is second with 99.

Endurance House

Founded: 2007

Founder’s Name: Tara and Jamie Osborn

Original Location: Greenway Station in Middleton

Who Knew? The Osborns aren’t Madison natives and had never visited Madison before coming here to both compete in Ironman Wisconsin in 2005. As a result of that trip, they decided to move here in 2006 to open Endurance House.

Milio’s Sandwiches

Founded: 1989 (as Big Mike’s Super Subs)

Founder’s Name: “Big” Mike Liautaud

Original Location: West Johnson Street

Who Knew? Milio’s has donated $100,000 to the American Family Children’s Hospital over the last 10 years.

Rocky Rococo’s

Founded: 1974

Founders: Wayne Mosley and Roger Brown

Original Location: Gilman Street

Who Knew? The chain was named after Rocky Rococo, a Firesign Theater character from a Los Angeles comedy group that was popular in the late ’60s and early ’70s.