Madison’s own land of emeralds

Macha Tea Co. won gold for Best Cup of Tea

Macha Tea Co. is where you’ll find a Land of Emeralds with its beautiful bright green beverages.

What’s behind the curtain, you ask? The use of matcha tea, which is the focus at Macha, voted best cup of tea in Madison. It’s a Japanese green tea made from the tips of steamed and dried tea plants. Then it’s ground into a fine green powder.

The secret? Two to four weeks before harvest time, the leaves are often placed in a shady area, causing the plant to produce more chlorophyll to result in a brighter, greener color. Matcha is unique because it is not steeped like most teas, but whisked. When you drink matcha, you will consume an entire leaf, making it deliciously strong.Madison’s own land of emeralds

Macha Tea Co. incorporates matcha into many of its offerings, including a refreshing matcha lemonade (sold in the summer only), a matcha macchiato (aptly named a matchiato) and bakery goods including matcha red bean cupcakes.

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