Madison’s Newest Millionaire Revealed

Madison’s newest millionaire collected his check after winning the Megabucks lottery last weekend.

Napolean Elvord said he played the Lotto almost every day, and it finally paid off with a Quick Pick win worth $14.3 million. After taxes, the lump sum payment netted him $6.87 million.

Elvord said in this economy, he’d like to use his construction background to help people with housing.

“I do look at the economy and think of the people who’ve lost homes that had homes and had jobs. And I’m into construction. I like remodeling and fixing up things, and I’m looking at possibly doing something in that area to resell homes and bring people back in to the housing area,” Elvord said.

Elvord actually misplaced his ticket for a few days before finding out he was a winner.

Before he gets to work, he wants to get his health in order. He’s waiting for a new kidney.

Elvord is the first Dane County lottery winner since a Stoughton man won the Powerball in 2006.