Madison’s most popular police officers put on show

Madison's Mounted Patrol features four horses
Madison’s most popular police officers put on show

The Madison Police Mounted Patrol thrilled the area on Sunday at its annual open house.

The event featured the most popular officers around – the four-legged kind.

One of the officers there, Luna, was celebrating her eighth birthday with her partner in crime, Matthew Kenny.

Kenny has been with Luna from her beginnings with the Mounted Patrol.

“I was there the day she showed up in the trailer,” said Kenny.

Both Luna and Kenny made an appearance at the Mounted Patrol annual open house, where Luna and other horses put on quite a show.

Luna is one of four horses on Madison’s Mounted Patrol, all trained at the Horse First Farm in Brooklyn, Wis.

That’s where the horses learn the skills necessary to become the police department’s most popular employees.

“The horses are, you know, a really great ambassador, number one, for the department,” said Kenny.


Kenny remarked that he himself is much more popular, especially with kids, when he patrols with Luna.

“They’ll want to pet the horse, meet the horse, they’ll want to know their name,” said Kenny. “I never get that kind of response when I’m driving through a neighborhood in my squad car.”

Madison’s Mounted Patrol are often out on crowded events throughout the year, but what most don’t get to see is the special relationship officers have with their equine partners.

And on Luna’s birthday, Kenny’s looking forward to that relationship growing for several more years.