Madison’s Modern Candy Co. introduces all-natural CBD candies

Quince and Apple introduces new company

Local company Quince and Apple celebrates its 10-year anniversary of making small batch jams and preserves this May; with flavors like Fig and Black Tea and Peach Chamomile, owners Matt and Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld’s preserves have become the darlings of cheeseboards across the country. But instead of reveling in their success, the Stoner Fehsenfelds are celebrating by launching a new brand–the Modern Candy Co.–which will produce all-natural CBD candies.

“We’ve been making preserves for ten years but a year ago we bought Treat [a spiced and candy nuts business out of Milwaukee] and it got our minds turning about other things we could do,” says Matt Stoner Fehsenfeld. “I’ve always had a soft spot for candy. Even now I eat healthy but I also just love Skittles… and gummi worms and Sour Patch Kids.”

Stoner Fehsenfeld started playing around with making candy at home focusing on using all-natural ingredients and non-GMO sugar. “I came up with a lot of recipes that I really liked but I wasn’t sure if there was a big market for natural candy,” Stoner Fehsenfeld says. “But in the last year or so CBD has exploded so we started thinking, ‘this could be an opportunity.'”Madison’s Modern Candy Co. introduces all-natural CBD candies

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. With claims that CBD has therapeutic properties, CBD is being added to products like chocolate, kombucha, coffee, beer and candy. Stoner Fehsenfeld says a lot of people are rushing in to the CBD market but not all CBD products are alike.

“A lot of the products in the CBD world do have a lot of additives,” says Stoner Fehsenfeld. “Usually businesses are just doing contract manufacturing–paying a huge company to make weird candies they already make and just add CBD and repackage and sell it.” But because Quince and Apple already has the manufacturing infrastructure necessary to make and package products at its facility on Madison’s near east side, Modern Candy Co. can focus on making products that are “natural, transparent and traceable,” Stoner Fehsenfeld says. “We source CBD that comes from organically-grown hemp and have ingredients that are not 35 characters long–we use real fruit.”

For now Modern Candy Co. will be focusing on two types of candies: hard candies and pâte de fruit, a French soft candy that is like a gummy but set up with pectin instead of gelatin, which makes it vegan. And not all candies will have CBD.Madison’s Modern Candy Co. introduces all-natural CBD candies

As the parent of two young children, Stoner Fehsenfeld says they will make plain candy, too. Expect a variety of flavors, including citrus and berry flavors for the hard candies and a mixed citrus pack, including Meyer lemon, blood orange and lime, for the pâte de fruit. “It’s also really easy to do cocktail flavors for the pate de fruit,” says Stoner Fehsenfeld. He recently made a test batch of negroni-flavored pâte de fruit with a layer of orange, vermouth and campari topped with a layer of gin and Meyer lemon. “The sky is the limit–there is so much room for experimentation,” says Stoner Fehsenfeld.

While Modern Candy Co. is currently sourcing CBD from Colorado, Stoner Fehsenfeld says they will soon work with Wisconsin farmers. “A ton of farms in Wisconsin this year were given permits to grow industrial hemp and once the first crop comes in then we’ll be able to get all of our hemp from Wisconsin farmers,” says Stoner Fehsenfeld. “One of the things we are excited about is to bring money into the Wisconsin farming community–if we can grow this brand then we can support a lot of farmers.”

The candies will be available soon on Modern Candy Co.’s website and at retail locations like Willy Street Co-op. Stoner Fehsenfeld also hinted that the line could expand to include other types of candies in the future (organic pop rocks, anyone?). “Making candy gives us another creative avenue to explore,” says Stoner Fehsenfeld. “That is my favorite part of my job–to mess around and come up with new stuff.”