Madison’s elderly community receiving calls from out-of-state thieves

Older members of community reporting phone calls from 'grandchildren' looking for money
Madison’s elderly community receiving calls from out-of-state thieves

According to a police report, some older members of the Madison community continue to be contacted by out-of-state thieves who try to appeal to victims’ love for family, particularly grandchildren.

In two recent cases, victims realized they were being contacted by strangers looking to steal their money. Neither victim wired cash to the criminals.

The police report states that on Wednesday, Sept. 24, an 80-year-old grandmother received a call from her “grandson”. He said he had crashed a rental car and he needed $2,500 to cover damages.

Another male voice got on the phone, claiming to be an agent for “National Car Rental Company.” The man said the “grandson” would be on the hook for a $15,000 fine if $2,500 worth of prepaid MoneyPak cards were not purchased.

Realizing how strange everything sounded, the grandmother called her daughter to confirm all was well with her grandson. She said had not been in a car crash and was fine.

The second case occurred Monday, Sept. 22, when an 87-year-old man had a similar phone conversation with a crook.

His wife had gotten a call earlier from their “grandson” who said he was in a Nevada car crash and that he was injured.

Another male voice got on the line and told the grandmother money was needed, and he told her not to tell the grandson’s parents.

When her husband got home an “attorney” was calling about the situation. He incorrectly pronounced the family name.

Already thinking this was a scam, the grandfather asked the caller what name he had for the grandson, and the caller said he was not authorized to say.

The grandfather said, “You have got to be kidding me,” and hung up the phone.

He said the situation was very upsetting for his wife and she initially feared their grandson was really hurt and in trouble.