Madison’s best bartenders share their drinks of choice

Steve Renfro of High Noon Saloon and Darrell...

Q: What’s your personal favorite drink, or your top pick to make for patrons?

“I am rather a simple individual that enjoys a shot of rye whiskey and a pint of lager. If push comes to shove and I have to pick a cocktail, I would say the classics are always best. A whiskey Manhattan is hard to beat.”
– Steve Renfro, High Noon Saloon

“We get orders for classic muddled brandy old fashioneds the most, but we also have a few specialty varieties here at the Gritty. I like making the Sweet Peach Old Fashioned. My personal favorite drink is black Sambuca neat. In my opinion, it’s an underrated drink that is left out of too many cocktail lists.”
– Darrell Ternes, Nitty Gritty, downtown