Madison woman flown to St. Louis, robbed

Madison woman flown to St. Louis, robbed

Madison woman flown to St. Louis, robbed

A Madison woman was robbed after being flown to St. Louis by someone who said he was interested in buying a diamond ring from her.

Berkeley police told KMOV-TV in St. Louis that Emily Graham, 32, was selling a ring on Craigslist when the suspect flew her to Lambert International Airport, had a car with a driver waiting for her and then robbed her. They took her three-carat diamond ring, laptop, purse and her shoes.

Graham said she talked with the buyer and he asked questions a real buyer would ask. He agreed to buy the ring for $19,000.

The flight was arranged with a car service to pick her up from the airport, according to Graham. The driver was to take her to jewelry store, but she was driven to a deserted area about 10 minutes from the airport. Graham said a second man opened the car door and held up a gun.

“The scariest part thought was really when he pulled me out of the car, because behind the warehouse, it was just like a closed down warehouse. Nobody would have seen anything, “said Emily Graham. “I thought we going to a mall to go a jewelry store to have the ring looked at by someone he had selected, but we’re going through a really, scary terrible neighborhood.”

Berkeley police Lt. Art Jackson Jr. said they are trying to find the credit card used to purchase the plane ticket. They have a person of interest but no arrests have been made.

Graham said she is thankful she wasn’t physically harmed, but she is hurt someone could organize such a brazen robbery.