Madison teen sentenced for role in 2011 homicide

Madison teen sentenced for role in 2011 homicide
Demetrius Matticx

A 19-year-old Madison teenager is sentenced to life in prison for his role in an October 2011 homicide on Troy Drive.

Demetrius Matticx, who turns 20 next week, was given a life sentence for killing 20-year-old Jonathan Wilson.

Matticx was convicted in May for the gang-related shooting that was described by prosecutors as a planned attack.

The victim, Wilson, would have been a father just 10 days after his murder.

“It hurts me. I have a hole in my heart that will never heal. Every time I look at my grandson, he’s a spitting image of my son,” said Jacqueline Wilson, the victim’s mom.

“I have never been a person to express my feelings, and I am sorry that that man had to lose his life over something foolish,” Matticx said in court.

In court Wednesday, Matticx continued to say he was not the gunman. He’ll be eligible for parole in 30 years.