Madison students sign the #BeYou pledge

MADISON, Wis. — A group of Madison third graders have committed to #BeYou, signing the pledge Thursday morning.

SSM Health Regional Chief Nursing Officer Veronica Scott-Fulton visited the Lincoln Elementary School class to emphasize the importance of kids being proud of who they are and respectful of other people’s unique qualities.

Students at Lincoln Elementary School in Madison

“It’s so tough for kids now, all of the different messages they receive.  So they just need to know they need to look within themselves and find that core spirit of happiness and focus on that.  You don’t have to compare yourself,” Scott-Fulton said.

The students received #BeYou drawstring bags, stickers, and pencils to help them share the message with other classmates.

Student signing a pledge paper

News 3 Now and SSM Health have collaborated to spread the #BeYou mentality across southern Wisconsin.  Visit the Time For Kids page for more stories and information on the #BeYou effort.