Madison schools cut down on thousands of wasted water bottles

Madison schools cut down on thousands of wasted water bottles

A partnership between the Madison Water Utility and Madison Metropolitan School District is helping kids cut down on plastic waste and calories. It’s part of the “Got Water” campaign. Under the grant program, Madison Water Utility donates water bottle fill up stations to schools free of charge. The stations can cost upward of $1,000.

The program began in 2015. After this school year, more than 11,000 children in 21 elementary schools and four middle schools will have access to water bottle refilling stations due to the program.

This month Olson, Chavez, Marquette , Sennett and Lincoln were outfitted with the stations.

Lincoln’s Principal Deborah Hoffman said the stations make water portable for kids allowing them to drink more and take fewer water breaks during the day. She said she’s noticed a reduction in students complaining about headaches as well.

Licoln’s station was installed last week. In that time 1,152 wasted water bottles have been elimnated.

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